Saturday, July 12, 2014

Little Creatable

Today is a big day for me!
I have just started an indiegogo project in order to start an online business selling high quality handmade pouches. Each pouch is made unique and can be made in whatever colour/colours YOU would want.

I would love it if you would head on over and if you can contribute that would be even more amazing! If not that's just share it around.

You never know how you can affect people.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Pixels's Galore Part 2 - Marc's Quilt

More then a year ago Marc had this crazy smart idea that he wanted me to make him a Pixel quilt and like a crazy person I was all like YEAH THAT SOUNDS AWESOME LETS DO IT.

Marc I love you, but so you know I regret that LOL.

It took a while but the characters were finally chosen:
Crono (Marc's personal favourite)

All the characters are 16 Bit and appeared first on the Super Nintendo.

 This is the first stage, working out the size of the quilt and the colours that will be used. 


 Some of these colours have now changed, since my version was not quite right and apparently you just can't mess with that ;) and we have now chosen a background colour.

SO all in all off to a good start. Now I just need to get my math on and figure out how the hell much Iron (background colour) I need LOL.

Till Later :D

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ginny's Cardigan

After just one sweater I think I am hooked.

I am a bit of a geek so when I saw this pattern book I was all like *whoo I've gotta get it* and like usual I did and then.......nothing. The patterns are so beautiful BUT I am a bit of a noob when it comes to knitting and it can take me a really long time to get the gist of a pattern. Also I am a slow knitter, I knit continental...sort of (one day I'll do a video to show you how unco I really am)

So the book just sat there.

Until I made a new friend (shocking I know) on IG Rijel who blogs here with Stephine and sells yarn here. I found out she was going to do a Ginny Cardigan KAL and I figured what the hell might as well jump in and just go for it.

The Ginny Cardigan is pictured above and isn't it so pretty *insert swoon here* also it has owls. Enough said right?1?!

Anyway I got some yarn from a destash on Ravelry and it is soooo pretty.

 Weight: DK/Travller
Colourway: Lazy Mountain CA
Yardage: 280yds / 114 grams

I am so excited and nervous about making this sweater, but if I can manage to pull it off it's going to be so awesome.

Also if you are interested in participating the IG tag is #instaravginnykal and the forum on Rav is here. Steph and Rijel will also be posting on their blog about it so here is that link again.

Till later :D


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pixel's Galore

Yesterday I posted about my 2014 new years resolutions. Well as per usual there are lots of things I want to do that aren't on that list.

One of them is this quilt:

Some of you may not know but I am having another baby this year. SHE is due Feb 9 (Rosie is very excited). I made this quilt for Rosie when the baby is born, It's not finished yet but I'm really close. I will also be making another version mostly white with pink hearts for the new baby. I figured if I made the new baby a quilt I would have to make Rosie one above is the result.

At the moment this quilt is about 40 x 55" and is made up of little 1" squares.

Hopefully I will have finished at least Rosie's by the end of the week so expect some pictures :D.

p.s If any of you are wondering I used the stamp collection block tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman to help make the little 1" squares all line up.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolutions and all that Humbug

SO this is a new year hey?

Does any one else feel weird that we are coming into the time were it's ok to say 2020? I feel like I'm in a sic-fi show just less cool because my show wont get canceled half way through (and lets face it all the cool ones are ;).

Anyway all that geekyness aside here are my crafty ones anyway.

SO this is my list…hopefully have it out there in the world of Ravelry will make me more motivated.

  • Marc's Pixel Quilt.
    This quilt will hopefully be done by his birthday.
    Specs are as follows:
    60 x 70" Inches
    Featuring: X, Mario, Link and Cromo
  • Quilt my Hexy HR quilt and hang it on the wall.
    In 2012 I finished my Hexy MF quilt top and at the moment it's just sitting around in my cupboard which is pretty shameful since it was a lot of work and lets face it has some pretty expensive fabric on it.
  • Finish my Strip Quilt
    I don't have much info about this since I'm mostly making it up as I go along BUT I will update you as I figure it out.
  • Make 5 items of clothing.
    Aubepine Dress
    and....that's all I've got so far if you see anything cool let me know :D