Thursday, December 16, 2010

Block Swap

Morning Ladies (and Gents if there are any)

I have an idea. I am intersted in starting a Block here's what you do. We pick colous, theme etc and then all involved create one block for each other person involved (usually 12 x 12, but we can pick the size) and send it. The aim is to have a block from each person participating that you can make a quilt out of.

There are two ways to do it:

Centralized Quilting Swaps

In a centralized swap, items are sent directly to a hostess, who sorts them and forwards a package on to all swappers.

Centralized Pros

•Postage is usually a bit less, since you send one package and pay for the return of one package.
•You'll receive all of your goodies at the same time.
•If another swapper doesn't complete the swap, you receive your own item back.
•If a swapper does not send appropriate items, those items are generally sent back to the swapper--not to you.
Centralized Cons
•Centralized swaps aren't as personal, since the hostess sorts items and sends them on to other swappers.
•If a hostess doesn't follow through you could lose all of your items. The hostesses who volunteer on About Quilting have been participants for awhile and have an excellent reputation. However, things happen in life and I would never tell you that problems don't occur.

Decentralized Quilting Swaps

If you join a decentralized swap, you will send a packet to each swap member in your group and each person will send one to you.

Decentralized Pros
•It's more personal. You can send a specific block or other item to a specific person--for instance, something made from a fabric you know that person will love.
•Some swappers prefer to get a succession of squishies (quilt packages) in the mail on a regular basis. It's kind of like a daily birthday until the swap is over.
Decentralized Cons
•If another swapper doesn't follow through, you'll receive less items than you send.
•If someone's cutting or stitching abilities are poor, there's no hostess to take care of quality control.
•Postage will likely be a little higher. You only pay for postage one way, but it's to multiple recipients.

I would like to know how many of you would be interested in having a bit of fun doing this? It doesn't matter how good/bad your skills are it's about diversity and sharing your talents.

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