Saturday, March 26, 2011

Australian Valour

Recently a movement has started up in the quilting world designed to help American Soldiers by making quilts. A program called Just One Star Can Comfort a Soldier had quilters/sewests every where making stars for this valiant young servicemen and women.

So a friend of mine Cara got in on the action and decided Canadian servicemen needed some support too. She has designed a quilt using the Canadian maple leaf and could use your help.

After seeing these stars of valour for both the Canadians and the Americans I though we Australians need to do our part for the ANZAC's. So thanks to Cara we now how a quilting goal too. 

12 quilts by the end of June and I need YOUR help making stars. Each quilt with be 62" x 74" star is 12.5" square and we need 25 gold and 5 white for each quilt.

There is a pattern for the block here .

If you are interested or have more questions just leave a comment and let me know what you're thinking ^_^

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  1. 4 White. The 5th is different. It's smaller with sashing around. Will get you that pattern pronto.

    Oh and I'm in!


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