Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lazy Bear...yep that's me.

Well I think I must be the most lazy quilter/sewer in the history of self confessed quilter addicts.

Aside from a mug rug and a modified Hoop Pouch I didn't sew anything this week :( though I did work 50 hours + travel time does that count???

But aside from not sewing anything I let myself run out of thread :O

*shock and awe I know*

I won't be able to get any till Wednesday :(

So until then I'll have to spend some time with the princess.


P.s. Please excuse the confused picture order and the bad quality. I'm still running on BrackBerry Power :S not sure when or IF we'll be getting internet.
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  1. That's a respectable amount of sewing/creativity for a week. I really like the mug rug - clever and effective design!


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