Friday, December 16, 2011


Christmas season is the best holiday season on the year {closely followed by Halloween}.

This year a friend of mine on Twitter Amy decided to organize a secret Santa swap on twitter, now known as the #ssswap haha

Anyway I the deadline or shipping has passed and we are all waiting impatiently. Well yesterday I stopped waiting and started squealing.

Hubs comes in with the mail and says "babe you got a package from someone named Monica." I squeal Happy Zombie and hubs shakes his head and walks away.
Haha Monica you are awesome!

After 3 layers of wrapping {gah} I found this amazing awesomeness waiting for me.


If the book itself wasn't enough she also included some DMC Floss, DMC colour card things, AND a composition book.

I am so spoilt!

Thank you to Amy for organising and Monic for spoiling me rotten.



  1. No problem woman! Are you down for doing it again next year?

  2. eep! exciting!!! what a great surprise!!

  3. I love that you're squealing!! Now you've got me squealing, too! I hope we squeal loud enough so that Canada Post's ears burst! Darn them - I mailed your prezzie in November... and it just got there!! Took 2+ weeks for it to go a 5 hour's drive. Next swap - we meet lunch and swap in person. Or better yet - let's just meet for lunch! Krista abs I have been talking firever about meeting up in Seattle - we have to get that going! xxoo

  4. Typing on my iPhone, LOL - can you tell??!!


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