Saturday, October 6, 2012

Busy Weekend

It has been a big weekend and it's not even the weekend yet.

It was my anniversary yesterday, 4 years and we are happier then ever for sticking it out and staying together.

On our anniversary we do things a little differently. We take turns planning what we are going to do, this year it was my turn. We started with chocolate pancakes, and cherries then dropped our beautiful little girl at her Aunties for the day. 

Next we visited every comic book store we could find in the and around Vancouver...oh and a few Yarn stores. Let me just say now if you have not been to Baaad Anna's GO.

It took us all day to get around including an extra long detour in the city in which the restaurant I wanted to take Marc too was closed -_- so we walked half the city to get noodles. 

(that sign on the door says they are closed till tomorrow :( BUT we got noodles so all was well)

This house is in Kitsalano and I'm going to live here one day. I don't know how I don't know when but seriously don't bother me with details clearly you can see I belong in this house.

Ok sooo because I'm such a dunce I didn't take separate pictures of all my goodies so you are going to have to bare with me as I attempt to sort out everything here on the fly.

To understand the silver bullet in the back you need to meet Melissa of Miso Crafty Knits I blame her. It's tea from DAVID'sTEA and I'm about to become the worlds most avid tea drinker because of it, I got Banana Nut Bread and seriously it is the most amazing stuff EVER.

SOOO that aside I bought some seriously beautiful MalabrigoYARN (this will be a first try for me) from Baaad Anna's for Marc's new hat the suddenly he had to have (as we entered into the yarn store) I also got some tea pins and blocking wires.

The other yarn you are seeing is from Three Bags Full and it's SweetGeorgia Yarn in Bohem and just so you know SweetGeorgia is a local Vancouver based Yarn company and they are pretty AMAZING.

I also got two new books. The Art of for Kiki's Delivery service and Arrietty these movies are done buy Studio Ghibli and they are amazing. I will do a whole post just for these little babies. 

The last thing I got was the little guy in the back, being all ninja and blending in with my quilt. He is called a Mini Munny, he is 4" tall made out of vinyl and is DIY.  You can get a template here and I am somehow going to use it to turn my little guy into artwork and find him a name (which I am surprising excited about). I will probably do a giveaway in the near future to help me find a new name for him/her/it (it doesn't have to be any gender if it doesn't want).
OK so back on track after doing all our shopping etc we went to the movies in which I told Marc we were going to see Finding Nemo in 3D...and he believed me HAHA. What we actually saw was Hotel Transylvania and it was EPIC! I am totally in love with Mavis (go see the movie you'll understand)

So last but not least is all the other stuff in my pictures. 
From the first picture:
That picture of the woman and the prayer rolls came from my sister who is in India right now becoming a yogi. YAY Kisane you rock lady!

The thread is of course Aurifil and will be coming to you in a giveaway very very soon! So stay tuned for that.

The lip balm and the moisturizer (from the second picture) are from Long Winter Farm and they are pretty much my new snack food. I mean seriously who wouldn't chew their lips off when they are covered in "Maple Almond" or "Unicorn Farts".
The fabric on the bottom in both pictures is from Westwood Acres on etsy and this lady has amazing prices and crazy fast shipping. 
From the second picture:

The squares came from a Vomit swap I did that was hosted by Angie at Gnomeangel.

SOOO what are you doing this Turkey weekend?


OHHH before i forget I am going to be going to Knit City next weekend if anyone is going and wants to meet up.


  1. Happy belated anniversary Love! Sounds like you had a lovely day :) And what awesome loot you have there!

  2. Brie, I totally love that you have a photo of your favourite house! I have one here in Calgary too!


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