Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good dreams and better ideas.

Ok. So since I started quilting I've become a little obsessed...to say the least. I think we can classify dreaming about it obsessed. But it's not all bad, getting into this is helping me realize I can be more thrifty. So I've been trying to think up ideas of things I can make for my baby in progress. Here are some of my ideas so far let me know if you can think of any others...keeping in mind I'm new at this and don't even have real quilting/sewing supplies yet.
  • Washcloths/Face Washers

  • Burp-cloths

  • Pincushions...that I was going to use as toys instead.
I also thought I would try my hand at those cool taggie blankets, the ones that cost a fortune in the stores. Here is my first attempt:

This side has the sweet Canadian print fabric that inspired me to do my quilt.

The other side has some cool waffle print fabric I had left over from my quilt. The ribbon I wrangled from my mother-in-laws scrap booking supplies ^_^
All very good ideas, however, when you are trying to be thrifty it can be very had to get any of them done. So I'm using the left over quilting material and a few old shirts.

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