Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrap Vomit...YEAH you heard me!

I'm going to do it! I can't help it I've been suck i and now I just can't escape.


This quilt is going to be champion.

Katy over at i'm a ginger monkey came up with a fantastic way to use scraps...or make them. 

This quilt uses: 1,375 2.5 inch scrap squares
204 black squares (approx 14 strips of WOF strips 2.5 inches wide/35 inches of fabric - at 40 inches wide)
136 blue squares (or 9 WOF strips 2.5 inches wide/23 inches of fabric - at 40 inches wide)

All to make a 70 x 98 (good sized twin) quilt.

The Plan

I am going to use doubles. Meaning I would like two of each kind of fabric on the quilt thus cutting the required amount in half YAHOO

What can you do?

Apart from the amazing support you all give me I need squares. If you can spare a 5 x 2.5" strip or 2, 50 or whatever it would be greatly appreciated. I would be more then happy to swap if you are interested in making your own Scrap Vomit. Either way just leave a comment if you are interested in helping or trading ^_^ 


p.s. If you are on twitter let @imagingermonkey, @waycoolkid and @littlecreatable know you are in!

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