Friday, July 22, 2011

Farmers Wife Quilt Along

For those of you who aren't yet familer with the Farmers Wife join the club!

I have to admit I'm more a mistress than a wife at this point. But that doesn't mean we can't have goals to one day be wives.

My sister Trisby {who blogs over at Lavender Lane Creations}  and I have decided to start from the back and count down to the finish as it were.

We are both behind but at least we are not alone and after we both finish moving (more on that later) we will catch up.

But for now here is what I have.

101. Wedding Ring

 102. Whirlpool
 103. Whirlwind

104. Wild Geese 

105. Wild Goose Chase

106. Wild Rose & Square 

107. Windblown Square 

108. Windmil

Coming Soon (have to take a good picture).

109. Windows

Coming Soon (have to take a good picture).
But in the mean time I dare you to look at this block and tell me it doesn't scare the pants off you. I procrastinated a whole weekend of sewing because it scared the pants of me.

110. Wood Lily 

111. Wrench (or the wench)

So if that doesn't have you inspired to get sewing well than you should go check out Amanda and Angela's blog because they will!

Not only are they the instigators of the Internet craze they are our faithful hosts on flickr who keep us all unified and motivated.


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