Sunday, November 6, 2011

For the Love of...Home

How fortunate for me that my sweet friend Sharon has started up her Fav 5 again with a twist.

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This weeks "For the Love of..." theme is?

home [hohm]  Show IPA
at ease, at rest, central, down home, familiar,familyhomely, homey, household, in one'selement, in the bosom, inland, internallocal,national, native

(This definition came from

Some of you may know that recently I moved. Not just down the street, around the corner or even across the country but across the ocean. The biggest ocean.

From Brisbane, Australia to Langley, Canada. A total of 11908.232 kms.

Seems like a lot when I lay it all out like that, but I had a good reason...

This beautiful little girl.

This man who I love dearly despite everything I put him through.

 And you know what?

I think I'm going to like it here...a lot. 

When you live in a country that doesn't really have defined seasons you don't get to see beautiful colours like this.

Because this isn’t the first time that I’ve moved internationally {hoping it’s my last} I’ve learned that Home isn’t necessarily a place but the people I am with.

Don’t get me wrong in a few weeks Ill start complaining about the lack of sun and by the time it snows I’ll probably be so cold that I’ll have to wrap in 10 different layers before I can get out of bed.

SO for now I think I will just enjoy what I have ;) don’t you agree???



  1. Welcome to the continent :) I love what you say about home, especially considering your move. I hope you love Canada! But home is truly where the heart is.

  2. Well, Blogger deleted my first comment so I'll just say ENJOY! :)

    Thanks for linking up. :)

  3. We're practically neighbors now! And when you look at the map - we look like next door neighbors! Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, Brie!


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