Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goings on

There is always a lot going on in life...always.

But I am loving my job and my little baby is growing and growing.

All that aside I need to admit that I have been down right nasty and completely irresponsible. I had a responsibility to finish a hoop almost a month ago and didn't. Partner I am so sorry. I have no excuse I just hope one day you can forgive me. On th lighter side of that confession if there is one here is the hoop.

I also decided to join my first QAL. Oh My Stars. I am super excited this quilt along especially since I am doing it with Amy

I have the orange and purple color ways of 1001 Peeps :DI also got a few other things for upcoming projects.

Hideaway for my tree quilt and Munki Munki Foxes just plain cute!


  1. Forgive you? Nothing needs forgiving!! Every one is late sometimes, nothing at all to worry about! I absolutely love that hoop, and I can't wait for it to get here:-)
    *Love you my dear*

  2. love the fox fabric...I am always looking for more!! Where did you get it?


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