Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Block Swap

Just an update for all interested. The Block Swap in now not just beach but 'Water' in blues, greens and purples. So be creative people and let us know what inspires you about the liquidy goodness.

Also here is a sneak peak of my first block!

It's not the best picture but it's something! Let me know what you think...or what else I could add ^_^


  1. awesome!!! It looks like a Japanese tsunami wave =D Are you doing an entire quilt about water? If so, you could make one of your blocks a water goddess, or mermaid, water faerie, or a little girl made of water walking off of a tiny sandy island into the water around it? Lol, I dunno. Your wave is totally sweet =D, I wish I could draw like that. I'm one of those doodles and stick figures people, but that's as far as it goes :P

  2. OHHH it's YOU hehehe. I didn't know who it was LOL. Yeah me and my sis are making a quilt all water themed...so you have some very good ideas my friend ^_^

  3. that's awesome, you gotta show me a picture when it's finished. I love love love all things water, it's my kind of element. Or at least, I like to think so :P


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