Saturday, January 29, 2011

Material Obsession...

Ok so those of you who know me OR follow me on FB know I have a serious Material Obsession...that for some unknown reason I can't curb. 

I bet what you didn't know is that 2 very talented ladies from Sydney (Australia) have made books about their Material Obsession (which I am trying to acquire).

These books are filled with awe inspiring quilts using colours that will make you want to explode with happiness! So let me tell you something else you may not have known...Sarah Fielke one of the writers of this beautiful book has come out with a fabric line....

From Little Things
(which can be purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop
) is a stunning mix of original and bright colours and designs. Just give me a minute while I hyperventilate...

*takes deep breath*

I think I'm ok wait...

*takes a few more deep breaths*

So who wants to see a delicious set of FQ's designed by this lovely lady. I do that's who and no doubt most of you do too. But that's not always possible so we are going to have to settle for these for now.

Aren't they beautiful?!?!

My brain is working overtime with all the possibilities of these fabrics.

If you want to be entered to win a set of these beautiful FQ's just head on over to {House} of A La Mode and enter!

Warning just like Heather I may hate the winner of this competition just a be careful who ever you are...LOL

Much Love,

p.s. be prepared for a massive post in the next day or so.

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