Sunday, January 30, 2011

Merry go round.

Ok so at the moment I have way to many things that I am trying to do LOL which is just like me. 
I have joined 2 groups on flicker sarah and molly's free piecing study there is more information on her Sarah's blog house of krom for those of you who want to join. 

I have also joined Single Girl Support group you can find out more about the group and the quilt along from Terri's blog Sew Fantastic

Doesn't this quilt look awesome! Sew can't wait for it.

I have also signed up for The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Fruit of the month challenge. Which is a cross stitch fruit every month. Sew cute!

Just a side note not only is the Frosted Pumpkins Logo awesome:

You can now buy the pattern for Sugarloaf the pumpkin which is beyond all comprehension of cuteness.

OK so you think that is enough?

Well not for me! I have also decided to try my had at wallet making. These are my fabrics which I bought from the Etsy shop BeautifulWork:

They came all the way from Japan. Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Monsters Inc. I found a wallet tutorial from that*darn*kat so we will give that a try and see how good/non existent my skillz are. 

So that is projects to come out of the way. Now an update on something I started a long time ago a Magic Baby Quilt the pattern is by Piece N Quilt (hop on over and check out Natalia's blog she is awesome!!!). Ingredients are simple and easy...shame good sewing skills aren't so easy to come by LOL. Anyway I have done all the crooked sewing and which I actually sewing my finger in the machine...OUCH. 

I know I need a new camera but hey she does the job.

Lots of love,

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  1. Yippy YI YAY! That all looks great! Its NEVER too much!! LOL!! Iv got a few things on the go myself and as long as you dont get overwhelemed WHO CARES??? Good on you!! Your doing a great job and I reckon you have FANTASTIC skills!! xoxoxox


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