Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So yesterday I kind of flew off the handle...well not kind of.

Sorry about that.

After I posted I realised I probably should have written that with a huge helping of hindsight.

Oh well.

But you know something that I have noticed more and more lately?

Go on guess...

Fine I'll just tell you.

We quilter/sewists are the luckiest people in the world. I have never met so many people so willing to give freely of their time, money, energy and most of all their love.

If you don't know it yet you will.

I wish I could visit all my peeps...well all the peeps I stalk {in an awe struck inspired way} and spend time with them sewing laughing and just generally getting up to mischief.

But I haven't learned to fly and haven't got around to buying a Jet yet.

Sew a giant thank you to all the peeps who have offered a little portion of themselves {which is really what love and sewing/stitching supplies are}.

You are my HEROS.

Keep the love coming that's something we can all use more of!
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