Thursday, May 26, 2011

Naked no more...

I have finished the biggest quilt ever made {by me}

*gasp in shock and awe lol*

I have finished the TOP of my
Naked Bed Challange
{thank you Sarah for instigating this}

Made from Hulloabloo by Urban Chicks for Moda and Home Town Sky Bella Solid this quilt measures 83 x 93" and is WAY bigger then my Double bed.

p.s. please excuse my sewing supplies in the corner ;)

Now to see if I can win

*fingers crossed*

Don't forget to drop by for the Tea Party that Molly at Wild Olive is holding there are some super cute embroidery patterns like this I <3 Tea *sqeee* CUTE!


  1. That a beautiful quilt bee! How did u stipple it?? Does ur machine do a quilt that big??? I'm so impressed! You rock girl!

  2. Beautiful and a wonderful job. Think of the memories you will have of this quilt and recalling the people who got you to this point. Nice job girl. Now to take a picture of mine tomorrow.
    New follower I am Jeanne from The Learning Curve :p J

  3. That looks great! Yay for no more naked bed!

  4. Congrats on the finished top Brie!! It looks good!

  5. so very pretty! i love those soft colors!


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