Monday, January 13, 2014

Pixels's Galore Part 2 - Marc's Quilt

More then a year ago Marc had this crazy smart idea that he wanted me to make him a Pixel quilt and like a crazy person I was all like YEAH THAT SOUNDS AWESOME LETS DO IT.

Marc I love you, but so you know I regret that LOL.

It took a while but the characters were finally chosen:
Crono (Marc's personal favourite)

All the characters are 16 Bit and appeared first on the Super Nintendo.

 This is the first stage, working out the size of the quilt and the colours that will be used. 


 Some of these colours have now changed, since my version was not quite right and apparently you just can't mess with that ;) and we have now chosen a background colour.

SO all in all off to a good start. Now I just need to get my math on and figure out how the hell much Iron (background colour) I need LOL.

Till Later :D

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