Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolutions and all that Humbug

SO this is a new year hey?

Does any one else feel weird that we are coming into the time were it's ok to say 2020? I feel like I'm in a sic-fi show just less cool because my show wont get canceled half way through (and lets face it all the cool ones are ;).

Anyway all that geekyness aside here are my crafty ones anyway.

SO this is my list…hopefully have it out there in the world of Ravelry will make me more motivated.

  • Marc's Pixel Quilt.
    This quilt will hopefully be done by his birthday.
    Specs are as follows:
    60 x 70" Inches
    Featuring: X, Mario, Link and Cromo
  • Quilt my Hexy HR quilt and hang it on the wall.
    In 2012 I finished my Hexy MF quilt top and at the moment it's just sitting around in my cupboard which is pretty shameful since it was a lot of work and lets face it has some pretty expensive fabric on it.
  • Finish my Strip Quilt
    I don't have much info about this since I'm mostly making it up as I go along BUT I will update you as I figure it out.
  • Make 5 items of clothing.
    Aubepine Dress
    and....that's all I've got so far if you see anything cool let me know :D



  1. Yay! Good for you for setting some goals. I need to make a list myself!

  2. that sweater is done, hope all is well. Love M&B


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