Sunday, February 27, 2011


"Quilting is addictive. Proceed with caution. Adjust the rest of your life accordingly."

I don't think I've ever heard a statement more true of quilting! Jenny of The Wild Cards totally coined it!
Lately I've been thinking about 2 things. My new sewing machine (which I don't have yet) and improving my technique.
So before I can improve my technique I need a sewing machine. Let me introduce you to Astrid.

Embrace modern convenience

 SUPER EXCITED! I really can't wait to have my own machine!

  1. Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space, and Styleby Amy Ellis
  2.  Simplify with Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home
  3.  Countryside Softies: 28 Handmade Wool Creatures to Stitch
  4.  Material Obsession I and II
  5.  Fresh Fabric Treats
    by The Moda Bake Shop Designers.
  6.  Handmade Livingby Liz Deluca (and many other talented ladies)
This is all I've been able to find that suits my style and that I know are good quality. Feel free to recommend anything you like and think I might like too. 
My friend Liz (who is party to book 6) doesn't actually quilt but makes beautiful glass beads. You should totally check out her website and get some beautiful beads!
OK so on another note a friend of mine is hosting The Golden Quilters Awards 2011 Nominations open on March 1st, and will be accepted for 10 categories:
  1. Best Designer,
  2. Best Teacher/Instructor,
  3. Best Author,
  4. Best Quilt Store (physical)
  5. Best Quilt Store (online)
  6. Best long-arm quilter
  7. Best Quilt Retreat (new category for 2011 Golden Quilter Awards)
  8. Most Innovative new product (physical item)
  9. Most Innovative new product (software item)
  10. Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement":
So make you nominate the peeps you think deserve to be recognized for the awesome things they have done. I know I will be putting a few name in myself ^_-


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  1. Great quote. Thanks for the shout out about the Golden Quilter Awards too!



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